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Ben & Jerry’s at Paris

Ben and Jerry’s at Paris After some years away from the direct source, I finally found by accident a dedicated Ben & Jerry’s store in the Sixth Arrondissement. After some googleing there appear to be even some more around: Now I’m waiting for spring and summer :-)


Tabi socks – I like

As I wear flip flops at home as to not having to walk directly on the cold floor, I always found the combination with socks a good idea for winter. But now I found those comfy Tabi socks today, so it is even more comfy. So for all the flip flop lovers out there, if you… Continue reading »


BNP Paribas – My new nemesis

Bonjour, when we arrived in Paris start of September, we did what everyone does, who starts to live in a new country: We opened a bank account. One might think that in the 21st century this would work out without problems, BUT this is not so. To open a bank account, you need to have… Continue reading »


Bonjour de Paris

Bonjour à tous, we have moved to Paris, so a new chapter begins and we will see what adventures will arrive in this awesome city. So I’ll try now to update the blog on a more than yearly basis ;-) In case you don’t know what to do with your remaining holidays the next two… Continue reading »


Happy and prosperous 2009!

I wish you a happy and fullfilling 2009! Cheers, Trutz

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