Total Liquidation at Bern

In Direction to Bern bern in the morning total liquidation

Bern, just 4 hours from Frankfurt away, seems to be nice, but so far I have only seen it in almost darkness, either in the morning or at night, when I leave the office. I think I will stay for a weekend some time to have a closer look.
Funny thing here: they call their sale “total liquidation”. But this was only for clothes so far, because with choclate I would help them immediately :-)




  1. ju says:

    LOL, oder?
    “Total Liquidation” – das ist mal ‘ne Verkaufsmasche, die ich noch nie gesehen habe. Klingt auch eher nach dem neuen Bruce Willis Film…
    Die spinnen, die Schweizer!

  2. Daniel says:

    sounds quite like another evil deed by that infamous monster called predator capitalism ;)

  3. Charles says:

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