Best book in 2007

Exile book cover

I wanted to write this article since I finished the book two weeks ago. The book I’m talking about is “Exile” by Richard North Patterson. There is the phrase “last, but not least” and to this book it certainly applies. I got it as a Christmas present from my sister(Thanks here:-) ) and when I started to read it I couldn’t stop.

The story in short is about a Palestinian woman accused of being a crucial part in the murdering of the Isreali prime minister in the US and how her affair from law school, a Jewish lawyer, tries to defend her against all odds. The legal procedures and the relation between the two more or less serve as a backdrop to the decade-long fight for rights and land between the Palestinians and Israel. The story highlights the arguments of both sides and adds also the counter-arguments. In my opinion most of the time the book leaves it up to the reader to make up his mind instead of forcing the opinion to a certain direction, although there is always the suggestion, that a hardline course on both sides will serve no one. In the end, it is hinted that Iran or at least some of its fundmentalist circles may be the main reason for all the bad things happening in the Middle-East and that the Palestinians are merely pawns in a greater game. But again it is up to the reader to form his opinion.

The book for me was a excellent summary of the things going on down there. As the current situation is swerving to the worse side, I think it is all the more worth it to read the book in order to get some background information. So next time you don’t know what to read, grab it or ask me to lend it to you.

What was your favorite book last year?


  1. zahra says:

    “the West Bank of the Jordan River,was.in fact, a bibical and immutable grant of land from God to the Jewish people-”
    “Since when,” she inquired,”did God become a real estate agent?”

    von da an wurde das buch erst richtig interessant.es ist nicht nur ein einfacher krimi , sondern auch ein politisches buch. es ist nicht einseitig geschrieben sondern versucht alle seiten des israel palaestina konflikts anschaulich zu machen… sehr lesenswert besonders weil auch ne kleine liebesgeschichte mit drin ist :))

    “To the Palastinian people, I say,I know Your history. You,like we, have suffered and died. You, like we, have been displaced and dispossessed. Your history is our history. Yet you the victims, and we the victims have been pitted against each other in one of history´s cruelest ironies…”

  2. Christian Strebel says:

    mein vater hat dir doch mal n buch empfohlen an weihnachten. hier nochmal der name: welt mit zukunft von franz josef radermacher
    (ich habs auch grad angefangen)

    gruß aus kirchseeon ;)

  3. Trutz says:

    Ja, ich werds mal noch orgen müssen, war mir wieder entfallen. Werds dann nach den 5 anderen Büchern lesen, die hier noch rumliegen:-)

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