Best book in 2007

Exile book cover

I wanted to write this article since I finished the book two weeks ago. The book I’m talking about is “Exile” by Richard North Patterson. There is the phrase “last, but not least” and to this book it certainly applies. I got it as a Christmas present from my sister(Thanks here:-) ) and when I started to read it I couldn’t stop.

The story in short is about a Palestinian woman accused of being a crucial part in the murdering of the Isreali prime minister in the US and how her affair from law school, a Jewish lawyer, tries to defend her against all odds. The legal procedures and the relation between the two more or less serve as a backdrop to the decade-long fight for rights and land between the Palestinians and Israel. The story highlights the arguments of both sides and adds also the counter-arguments. In my opinion most of the time the book leaves it up to the reader to make up his mind instead of forcing the opinion to a certain direction, although there is always the suggestion, that a hardline course on both sides will serve no one. In the end, it is hinted that Iran or at least some of its fundmentalist circles may be the main reason for all the bad things happening in the Middle-East and that the Palestinians are merely pawns in a greater game. But again it is up to the reader to form his opinion.

The book for me was a excellent summary of the things going on down there. As the current situation is swerving to the worse side, I think it is all the more worth it to read the book in order to get some background information. So next time you don’t know what to read, grab it or ask me to lend it to you.

What was your favorite book last year?


Traurig aber wahr

NPD PlakatSVP Plakat

Als ich heute morgen zur Arbeit ging, traute ich kaum meinen Augen. Nicht das ich eines der NPD-Plakate erblicken musste(vielleicht schon schlimm genug), es war auch noch das Motiv zu sehen, dass mir bereits aus dem Wahlkampf der Schweizer rechts-konservativen SVP (ca. 29% bei der Nationalratswahl 2007)bekannt war. In der Schweiz ist das Thema wohl auch schon aufgeschlagen wie man diversen Schweizer Postings oder hier aus der Zeitung “Blick” erfahren kann. Ich bin gespannt auf die Wahl am 27.1. in Hessen die solchem und ähnlichem Gedankengut hoffentlich eine klare Absage erteilt.


(Belated) Happy New Year!

CheersNew Year’s Pic with Ole included :-)New Years Eve fireworks on Zurich lakeFlims-Laax-Falera_Ski-Arena 

I wish everyone I so far could not reach a happy new year and hope for all of you to have had a good start into 2008. I had the opportunity to hit it off in Zürich. A very nice city, again it was obvious why it’s ranked as number 1 regarding living quality. The fireworks on the Zurich lake were spectacular and the party afterwards very “volchstümlichchchchch”(swiss-german for traditional). Thanks to Christian for the rich Cheese fondue beforehand, which worked as a good base for the things to come (in). Also I now could understand why our office near the Escher-Wyss-Platz is supposed to be Party Central :-) Also skiing in Switzerland is awesome, no car necessary just go to the train station and more or less get off at the ski lift in the mountains. So who’s to join me next time, rooms for free in Zürich are included. Cheers, Trutz

PS: Yes, I could have started this post with same blabla that I’m sorry to have not posted for a long time and will try to better myself…well, time will tell


The picture quiz

Picture Quiz(Small)

Travelling around gives you the opportunity to take some pictures. I thought the idea of a quiz the best way to present them. Click on pic above to enlarge it(i.e. the pic, Vid!). Then try to figure out where the locations are and post your ideas as a comment. I think I might come up with some sort of a prize.




Mc Rösti

Heidi and MC Rösti

Heidi weeks at McDonalds in Switzerland. I found the McRösti especially funny although I’m missing the CheeseFondueBurger, where you have to dip your hamburger bun into a pot of molten cheese.

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