The picture quiz

Travelling around gives you the opportunity to take some pictures. I thought the idea of a quiz the best way to present them. Click on pic above to enlarge it(i.e. the pic, Vid!). Then try to figure out where the locations are and post your ideas as a comment. I think I might come up… Continue reading »


Mc Rösti

Heidi weeks at McDonalds in Switzerland. I found the McRösti especially funny although I’m missing the CheeseFondueBurger, where you have to dip your hamburger bun into a pot of molten cheese.


Total Liquidation at Bern

Bern, just 4 hours from Frankfurt away, seems to be nice, but so far I have only seen it in almost darkness, either in the morning or at night, when I leave the office. I think I will stay for a weekend some time to have a closer look. Funny thing here: they call their… Continue reading »